Demy O'Brien

Horsewhisperer Demy O’Brien is a local, active patient who was diagnosed in January 2018 after a colonoscopy to explore rectal bleeding. She had a 6cm adenocarcinoma rectal tumor and underwent chemotherapy and radiation, followed by surgery. At the time, the procedure was thought to be curative.

In October 2018, a scan revealed metastases to the liver and lungs indicating stage IV disease. Demy was started on a variety of standard of care treatments which she continued to receive through December 2020. In January 2021, she started her first clinical trial, and unfortunately at her second scan, she showed signs of progression. Demy then went on to be treated with more chemotherapy. In January 2022, she was offered a second trial. This past April, Demy’s scans showed progression, and she had to stop the trial. Her oncologist recommended a chemo-free period; however, with two brain lesions, it was recommended that she receive stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS). Currently, Demy is waiting for a potential third clinical trial which is expected to include immunotherapy.