Jill MacDonald

Jill MacDonald is an athletic stage IV colon cancer patient who was diagnosed right after her 37th birthday. She first noticed some abdominal discomfort, back pain, blood in her stool, and night sweats. Further examination revealed that Jill had a small tumor in her sigmoid colon; however, metastases were already visible within her liver. She underwent two surgeries in May and December of 2015.

During seven years of active patient experience, Jill has advocated and navigated her way through two standard of care chemotherapies, multiple resections (colon, liver, hysterectomy to name a few) and radiation. None of these episodes have held her back from enjoying her animal rescue work in her St. Louis home or her love of world travel!

Recently, Jill started exploring additional opinions, including the National Institute of Health. Jill is hoping to find an immunotherapy trial, but she has not yet been able to identify the right trial for her disease. Jill considers herself lucky and advocates for herself and others.