Sarah Kelly

Sarah Kelly is a driven and compassionate caregiver experienced with executing detailed cancer education and treatment plans. Her passion is to advocate for cancer research development to reach every underprivileged and minority cancer patient.

As an educator of children with special needs, early on in her career, Sarah was keenly aware that being around people who have experience with other children with special needs resulted in a better understanding of what life is like with a disability. At the age of 44, Sarah became a caregiver to her husband who was diagnosed with stage IV colorectal cancer. Similar to her approach as an educator, Sarah realized that to understand colorectal cancer she would need to find colorectal cancer patients and ask questions. She learned to scour clinical trials every day on the website, to ask questions about the treatment plan that her husband received, and to look for and obtain multiple opinions.

With her husband’s passing, Sarah continues to advocate for and with cancer patients navigating their “new normal”. She believes that we can all make a huge difference when we share information and support each other in the recovery process.