Erika Brown

CEO/Founder, ONE CANCER PLACE. Erika Brown is a network builder/expert and recognized innovator. Erika built her career by creating business leader networks in both the advertising and telecommunications industries. Her own personal experience with advanced cancer shifted her network-building efforts to that of peer cancer patients, resulting in her first creation: today’s Colontown community. In 2021, Erika shifted again, creating ONE CANCER PLACE, the Front Door to PATIENTLAND, a more ambitious community enterprise. This peer learning network is designated as a “first stop” for the new cancer patient, providing instant “community”, systemic education and personal navigation for patients of  all cancer types.

Erika’s youthful life background was a combination of life lived both in the Boston area and a small town in Montana. Having lived and worked in many US and European cities, she now lives and works from Denver, CO. Erika dedicates the remainder of her life to her passion: contributing to the health and well-being of cancer patients.