2018 ABFO National Conference Agenda

Tuesday, May 29  
6:00 to 8:00 pm
Welcome - Cocktail Reception
Wednesday, May 30
7:15 am Breakfast  
8:30 - 9:00 am
Welcome | Day 1 Introductions and Announcements
2018 San Francisco Conference Co-Chairs: David Tucker, Vice President, Finance, Atara Biotherapeutics, Inc.
Hector Casab, Consulting CFO
9:00 - 10:15 am
KEYNOTE SPEAKER:  Joe Quinlan, Managing Director & Chief Market Strategist, U.S. Trust, Bank of America, Private Wealth Management 
The US economic expansion continues, the bull market in equities lives on. But for how long? Joe’s presentation will highlight key drives of growth, critical secular trends, and the potential risks to growth and earnings in the medium-term. Key global trends affecting the US economy and capital markets will also be examined.  
10:15 - 10:30 am Break/Transition - 15 Minutes  
10:30 - 12:00 noon
KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Cara Hale Alter - "The Credibility Code: Projecting Credibility and Confidence"
Credibility. Leadership presence. Personal power. We know these qualities when we see them, but what are the cues that lead us to these impressions?  In her signature presentation, Cara Hale Alter deconstructs what it takes to carry yourself like a leader. Using the criteria laid out in her book The Credibility Code, she emphasizes the power of the “sub-textual” conversation and identifies the specific “codes of conduct”—for posture, gestures, vocal skills, eye contact, and more—that influence the perception of credibility. Individually, these behaviors are easy to implement; together they form a skill set that can transform your career. (Participants will have a later option to enroll in the Credibility Quest 30-lesson online course.) .

Discover how to:
• Cultivate personal presence
• Recognize/Prevent the “tells” of nervousness and intimidation 
• Strike a balance between authority and approachability
• Demonstrate composure under pressure
• Avoid unintentional behaviors that may lower your status
12:00 - 1:00 pm Lunch  
1:00 - 2:30 pm
A. Speech Skills
"Decoding Gender Dynamics and Communications
This seminar examines female/male-identified communication rituals, and how to recognize counterproductive culture clashes caused by differences in style and language. Better understanding these dynamics, and being more aware of our own behavioral patterns, can significantly increase collaboration, respect, and ultimately, productivity. Topics will include: • Ritual praise, thanks, and apologies • Building bonds through competition vs. equalization • Visible competence vs. invisible competence • Low vs. high sense of personal entitlement • Authority vs. approachability and gender expectations

PRESENTER: Cara Hale Alter, Speech Skills
'The panel will discuss the current state of IPOs, recent market dynamics and what can be do to avoid pitfalls that could hamper your success during the process.

MODERATOR: Sharon Tetlow, Managing Partner, Potrero Hill Advisors, Board Member, Armetheon, Inc.
PANELISTS: Marc Belsky, Chief Financial Officer, Kezar Life Sciences
Mardi Dier, Chief Financial Officer, Portola Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Jennifer Jarrett, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Business Officer, Arcus Biosciences
Shalini Sharp, Chief Financial Officer, Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical
C. Compensation
An interactive session that will delve into the latest news to come out of ISS, the SEC and others, as well as what Radford has observed this year in interactions with board, management and proxy advisors. The presenters will discuss corporate guidelines and regulatory development in compensation.

PRESENTERS: David Kaplan, Chair, Employee Benefits Practice Group, Pepper Hamilton LLC
Nora McCord, Associate Partner, Executive Compensation, Radford
2:30 - 2:45 pm Break/Transition - 15 Minutes  
2:45 - 4:15 pm
Public Companies
This moderated roundtable discussion will focus on issues commonly faced by public biotech companies. Topics will include product launch consideration, financing, tax planning, ERP related issues, considerations and best practices, among others.

MODERATOR: Olivia Bloom, Chief Financial Officer, Geron Corporation
Private Companies
This moderated roundtable discussion will focus on issues commonly faced by private biotech companies. Topics will include clinical trial management, tax planning and financing related issues, considerations and best practices, among others.

MODERATOR:Vanessa Jacoby, Vice President, Finance, PharmAkea Therapeutics
Med Device/Diagnostic/Health IT Companies
This moderated roundtable discussion will focus on issues commonly faced by medical device, diagnostic and health technology companies that are either public or private. Topics will include commercialization challenges, financing considerations, international expansion issues, distribution models, FCPA, tax planning strategies and ERP-related issues, amongst others.

MODERATOR: Martyn Webster, Chief Financial Officer, VitalConnect, Inc.
4:15 - 4:30 pm Break/Transition - 15 Minutes  
4:30 - 5:45 pm
PANEL PRESENTATION: "From the CFO to the Board"
This panel brings together a seasoned group of industry veterans to discuss challenges and opportunities in making the shift from the CFO chair to the Board room. The group will share their views of the role of a financial expert has in the Board room.
  MODERATOR: Scott Morrison, Partner, (Retired) US Life Sciences, Ernst & Young LLP

PANELISTS: Matt Fust, Independent Advisor to Life Science Companies, Board Member, Atara Biotherapeutics, BlackThorn Therapeutics, Dermira, Inc., MacroGenics, INc., Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical, Inc.
Laura Brege, Sr. Advisor, Bridge Bio, Managing Director, Cervantes Life Science Partners, Board Member, ACADIA Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Portola Pharmaceuticals, Pacira Pharmaceuticals
5:45 - 6:00 pm Break/Transition - 30 Minutes  
6:15 pm Meet in Ballroom for Evening Event - Scavenger Hunt and Pub Crawl  
Thursday, May 31  
7:15 am Breakfast  
8:45 - 9:00 am
Welcome | Day 2 Introductions
2019 Boston Conference Chair: Justin Renz, Chief Financial Officer, Cardiome Pharmaceuticals, Inc.  
9:00 - 10:15 am
KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Solomon Wilcots, NFL Broadcaster/Leader, Russo Partners' Sports-Health Alliance, "The Intersection of Sports & Health"
  1. The Relationship between Sports and Health
  2. How important is Sports in American Culture
  3. Athletes as Influencers to Advance Medical Science
  4. Education and Awareness through Media Platforms
In the world of professional sports, athletes have long understood that without good health, it is nearly impossible to pursue life’s goals, dream and aspirations. In their pursuit to be called a champion, athletes have always been willing to push their bodies beyond the limits of medical science and innovation. The athlete’s effort and energy to overcome injury, get back on the field and into the game, has helped to highlight medical breakthroughs during the adversity of fierce competition. It is proven that patient populations have a strong connection to athletes who have overcome injury and illness, to achieve championship status. Armed with a personal story of triumph through tragedy, the athlete serves as an “Influencer” who has won the public confidence and serves as a model in the area of public health.
10:15 - 10:30 am Break/Transition - 15 Minutes  
10:30 - 12:00 noon
KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Bill Driscoll, Navy Flying Ace
Navy Ace and former TOPGUN instructor Bill Driscoll demonstrates how his own life-or-death aerial dogfights – and the preparation for them - can help guide high-risk corporate decisions. Bill’s 170 combat missions, 5,200 jet dogfights and interviews with 350 senior executives and 26 Ace fighter pilots, as well as strategies from his own highly successful career in commercial real estate reinforce the consistent patterns underlying exceptional performance under pressure.
12:00 - 1:15 pm Lunch and *ABFO Regional Chapter Meeting  
1:15 - 2:30 pm
PANEL PRESENTATION: "Biotech Finance - A Risk Management Approach"
Our expert panel represents a variety of points of view from the CFO, banking, debt and specialty finance sides.  The panel will look at specific case studies and discuss the timing of financing and which financing tools are appropriate for each situation.  After each case study there will be an opportunity for the audience to comment and ask questions.
MODERATOR: Eric Bjerkholt, Chief Financial Officer, Aimmune Therapeutics, Inc.

PANELISTS: Debbie Baker, Senior Director, Oxford Finance
Emily Janvey, Director, Kohlberg Kravic Roberts & Co., LLP;
Jim Reddoch, PhD, Executive Vice President, Head of Research & Investments, Royalty Pharma

Charles Newton, Managing Director & Co-Head of Healthcare Investment Banking in the Americas, Bank of America Merrill Lynch;
2:30 - 2:45 pm Break/Transition - 15 minutes  
2:45 - 4:15 pm
A. EY Technical Update - Including Tax Reform
Update on the latest accounting developments that are expected to impact bioscience companies with a particular focus on the exposure draft on Accounting Standards Update, Collaborative Arrangements (Topic 808): Targeted Improvements as well as the accounting for Leases under ASC 842. EY will share their insights on how the matters are being interpreted, what bioscience companies should be focused on, and how the various regulatory bodies expect to see the standard implemented.

PRESENTERS: Michael Formolo, Partner, Ernst & Young LLP
Phil Howard, Partner, Ernst & Young

Dan Lujan, Ernst & Young

B. Dimensions - The Driving Force for Life Science CFOs. "Managing, planning and reporting in multiple dimensions."
As life science finance professionals our overreaching responsibility is to ensure the organization achieves the optimal balance between scientific innovation and business to create value for the organization.
To do this you must be able to evaluation your business using many different criteria or DIMENSIONS. We will explore the benefits, challenges, solutions  of managing in multi-dimensions.

MODERATOR: Joyce Bellomo, Chief Finance and Business Officer, R&D Logic, Inc.

PANELISTS: Peter S. Roddy, Senior Vice President, Chief Accounting Officer, Cytokinetics, Inc.
Karen Wright, Chief Financial Officer, Jaguar Health, Inc.
Tom Burns, Senior VIce President, Finance and Chief Financial Officer, Xoma Corporation
Harry Trout, III, Sr. Director of Finance, Enanta Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

C. "Social Media & Investor Relations: Don't Be Afraid of the Boogeyman"
In the age of instant communication, open discussion forums and “fake news,” how do we properly interact with target audiences in our highly regulated environment? Join our expert panel and we explore the best (and worst) ways to monitor, engage and disengage with specific audiences (i.e. investors, partners, media, key opinion leaders, patients and others) across social media platforms. The audience will be encouraged to join in this discussion with their own questions and experiences.

MODERATOR: Solomon Wilcots, NFL Broadcaster/Leader, Russo Partners' Sports-Health Alliance

PANELISTS: Tom Baker, Co-Founder, Reportables
Rachel Bushey,
Partner, Chair, Life Sciences, Vice Chair, Health Sciences Department, Pepper Hamilton LLP
Brittanie Doughterty, Social Media Specialist, Russo Partners, LLC
Brandi Roberts, Chief Financial Officer, REVA Medical, Inc.

4:15 - 4:30 pm Break/Transition - 15 minutes  
4:30 - 5:45 pm
PANEL PRESENTATION:"NOT THE USUAL SUSPECTS" Diversity in the Boardroom and Executive Suite
  Diversity in the Boardroom and Executive Suite - Meetings of Board of Directors, Executive Teams and VC partners have historically tended to be and look fairly homogeneous. In recent years we have observed progress in making them more diverse. This plenary panel will delve into the dynamics that affect diversity and the progress that has taken place in recent times, the benefits that come from diverse groups, while also looking at challenges. Panelists will share their stories as well as insights as they progress into these leadership and influential roles.  

MODERATOR: Sharon Tetlow, Potrero Hill Advisors, LLC

PANELISTS: Sarah Soule, Head of Diversity, Stanford Graduate School of Business, The Morgridge Professor of Organizational Behavior and Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Julie Papanek Grant, Partner, Canaan Partners
Stephen Sherwin, MD, Venture Partner, Third Rock Ventures, Director, Auduro, Biogen, and Neurocrine, Clinical Professor of Medicine, UCSan Francisco, CEO (former) Cell Genesys, Co-founder, chair (former) Abgenix
Robin Toft, President, The Toft Group

6:00 pm DEPART FOR SPECIAL EVENT - Meet outside Hotel Nikko for cable car pickup  
Friday, June 1  
7:15 am Breakfast  
8:45 - 9:00 am Welcome | Day 3 Introductions  
2018 San Francisco Conference Co-Chairs: David Tucker, Vice President, Finance, Atara Biotherapeutics, Inc.
Hector Casab, Consulting CFO
9:00 - 10:15 am KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Michael J. Smith, AIDS Activist, Community Leader, Co-Founder, Names Memorial Quilt, "Common Threads, Finding the Activist in Each of Us"  
  Exploring your own activism. Former Executive Director of the SF AIDS Emergency Fund and Breast Cancer Emergency Fund, Mike Smith will delve into the role that advocate groups have played in key disease areas, such as treatments for HIV/AIDS and increased research in breast cancer. By calling attention to these emerging areas, advocate groups are now recognized as an important player in the development of new treatments, from research funding through reimbursement and patient assistance programs.  
10:15 - 10:30 am Break/Transition - 15 minutes  
10:30 - 11:30 am KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Enrique M. Alvarez, Supervisory Special Agent, Cyber Branch, FBI San Francisco Field Office, "Cybersecurity"
  Cyber risks are waiting for life sciences companies - What can be done about it? The life science industry is in the top three of industries subject to data breach. The movement in the life sciences industry toward direct-to-consumer and patient engagement as well as data analytics creates opportunities and challenges for security of the data. Mobile health initiatives using mobile health applications and social media also add challenges in securing the data that is being shared. Hear from one of the FBI’s top Cyber specialists, who will outline some of the cyber exposures companies are facing and what you can do to protect your systems and data.  
11:30 am Closing Remarks - Conference Concludes  
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